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Which producer gets all worked up? Brian Emo.

Who gets a kick out of math? Joy Division.

Which act had a smallish frontman? Runty MC!

Who launched an ad campaign to fight crabs? Pube-Lice Enemy!

The U2 guitarist was wise to drop of high school - his music career offered a better Edge-ucation.

U2's Larry Mullin' Junior can't decide on having a baby.

Tony Danza's favourite band? Oh-eh-sis!

Who never shut up on a flight? Janis Jaw-plane!

Who ended up as Zamboni drivers? Rink Floyd.

Who's marries anyone, as long as they're eye-candy? Jennifer Elope-pez.

Whose voice causes cattle stampedes? Moo-riot Carey.

Who developed a German beer using mineral water? Brews Spring-Stein.

Have you heard 'Danger Jelly' - the latest from Peril Jam?

Which group shaved their pubic hair? Bush Ex.

Were Paul and Art depressed after reluctantly adding a third member to their act? Yes, they were now nicknamed Sigh, Moan & Gar-Funk-el.

Gwen stopped being shy about exposing her knotty leg muscles to public view - "After all," she said, "we're Node Out."

Who will paint your van? Inkubus!

The British dance group gets nervous about zapping cattle - they're Prod-itchy.

Which Detroit punkers cut a large swath of musical destruction? The Wide Strips.

Which alterna band still believes in Santa Claus? Saw-Nick Youth.

Which band prefers not to wear clothes? Garb-itch.

At the site of the famous plane wreck the emergency crews discovered a horrid sight: Bloody Holly, Richie's Valentrails, and a steaming carcass aka the Big Glop.

Flea's favourite bar food? Chili Poppers.

Who are rock giants? Metall-ica.

Who's the techno artist famous for sad songs? Mopy.

The Chemo-kill brothers died from radiation therapy.

Which band tolerates meateaters? The Beef-if-ya-choose (B52s)

Is Rush an optimistic group? Yes: drummer Neil is pert, guitarist Alex is Laughson, and the frontman sings quite geddy-lee.

Who spends a lot of time in the bathroom? Loo Read!

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