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*many clever puns c/o Bryan from Toronto - stalwart performer at the Gents' first ever Puns in Publick punning session, Jan 19, 2006. See the Gents in action every Thursday 6pm at Future Bakery in Toronto for live joke-writing!

Driving drunk, I smashed up my Chrysler. The judge found me guilty in a Cordoba law.

My fancy new car comes with a shower. It has an all-lather interior.

A gino keeps a close eye on his Speedometer.

Do punsters ride on a fool tank of gas?

Which car parts are most abused? Pist-ons.

Politician Ralph got sick of changing his alter-Nader.

The owner's manual editor could no longer write about car parts. He had engine block. (play on words)

Why did the pimp stop at the service station? Because - his hos had just blown.

The art vandal's car was topped up with anti-frieze.

Omigod - it's raining frogs! You better have good windshield vipers.

A car salesman's favourite piece of furniture: automan.

Isn't an airbag really an error bag?

What keeps a mechanic from a bad hair day? Car parts. (pow)

Little known fact: the Incredible Hulk drives a pick up truck.

Axel Roads does a lot of touring.

Three words: "Self-cervix station"??

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