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About Vanessa
Bullseye! Vanessa is an angelic A&E scribe who swooped down from heaven and put an arrow through our hearts. An alumnus of Queen's English and Ryerson Journalism, the 26-year-old Torontonian now churns out stone-cold copy for a major national newspaper. This fab 5'11" film critic definitely knows her silver-screen likes and dislikes - so a warning if you're a vacuous Hollywood pretty boy, Vanessa's got more than a few fatal phrases for you! She loves puns because "they make things so awkward." Um, er, ah... eggsactly!

Vanessa's faves
"funky brunch hangouts, trivia studs"
"clichés - they're so... cliché"
outside of Punshining:
"I totally love animals. I once adopted a manatee named Floyd. Also, I model t-shirts for a new clothing line."
punning observations: "Puns are like one-star jokes: not too flashy, but essential to day-to-day functioning!"

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