Peter J - libertarian lothario
(all the way from London, England!)

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About Friedrich Hayek
Nobel Prize winner F A Hayek was, according to the Adam Smith institute, "the 20th century's leading libertarian social theorist." So that's a pretty high-falootin' pun (NB photos taken in a building at the London School of Economics where Hayek once taught).

About Peter J

If you haven't yet heard of Peter J, well, you will. Born of the Aristotelian countryside near Orono, Ontario, and now livin' la vida London, this unstoppable think-tanker, activist, journalist and political gadabout is a one-man libertarian juggernaut. Now 27, Peter did a BA in philosophy at Queen's, an MA in philosophy at Waterloo, is currently finishing his MSc in philosophy at LSE, and - phew - is off to Bowling Green this fall for a Ph.D in applied ethics and social & political philosophy! Does he really like philosophy all that much? Peter simply replies, "all questions are meaningless." Ok just kidding. Read Peter's musings for yourself on his current blog The 5'11" fox confesses, "I think puns are awful. But I can't help reading them, looking at them, craning my neck when I see them in a five-car pile-up on the side of Kingsway and Aldwych." Ha Peter, more like a five-har pileup! Sha-bam!

Peter's faves
"anyone bright and pro-globalization (or do I repeat myself? Ha!), and knows the
difference between a libertine, a libertarian and a librarian. Oh - and enjoys long walks on the beach."
turn-offs: "paperwork"
hobbies: "I like to read, watch movies (especially long three-hour affairs) and cut grass on my riding lawnmower."
dreams: "Sure, plenty. But I'll name just two: I'd like to be a professor of philosophy, and I had one the other night where I kept getting pushed around by pine trees. Damn."
anything else to add? "I [heart] Pun Gent Pat. Yes, that, and you should come to my Liberty Summer Seminar, which I put on every year in Orono (this year marks the fifth year anniversary):"

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