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About Mike
Yowzah - Mike is a two-wheeled hot tamale who's riding roughshod over PunShine Boulevard! This 6'5" teddy bear from Washago, Ontario, loves puns because "they're like jeans or black things - flattering and always appropriate." Dam strait! After graduating from the Queen's computer science program Mike now works in Toronto as a web developer. "I once worked with a guy who built an automatic pun generator," the 26-year-old says; "we ultimately had to conclude that computers are simply not very funny." Well, there's no substitute for Pun Gent punache! Read Mike's deep thoughts, rants and confessions on his blog www.pezidetective.blogspot.com. And don't be shy about leaving him comments - just step up and grab the Mike!

Mike's faves
"poor use of quotes (don't try to sell me that 'Fresh' Fish), red Levis"
turn-ons: "Chomsky context-sensitive grammars; girls who swear and drive stick"
hopes and dreams: "One time I had a dream I was eating a fabulous ham sandwich. I don't mean just any ham sandwich, I mean like the best damn ham sandwich you've EVER eaten, plus one. Also, I think that Abe Vigoda was there."
advice to aspiring pun-dits: "Use caution in mixed com-pun-y."

send Mike a message: email mike@pungents.com.

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