Liav - architectural adonis

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About Liav
He's hot like Reggie and jocular like Jughead - it's our astonishing Archie-tect! Liav is 26-year-old architecture student at U of T and our first PunShine Boy in months - so go ahead and Peer-amid his fine features! Israel-born but Toronto-raised, the 6-foot skyscraper attended Newtonbrook Collegiate in North York, where he developed into a mathematical megastud. Before putting the Tease into T-square and flying off at the buttress, Liav graduated from Urban Studies at York U . And speaking of butt rest - Liav has an ass that won't quit!

Liav's faves
why he loves puns: "All humour is mean in some way: there's always a kernal of nasty, mean-spirited, lovely hilariosity in a decent joke. Puns are violence done unto words and meanings. I like words. Seeing words tormented schoolyard bully style via pun-based abuse gives me the same warm fuzzy feeling that seeing a baby kitten and a baby unicorn playing in a field of cotton would."
"'pro-active', 'irregardless', bad fonts"
"clever scatologies, Joyce-style werdplay, fuckin' with vowels, use of other languages"
favourite things to do: "pester girls on the internet; take long pointless walks; write long pointless sentences"
hopes and dreams: "I'm werkin on it. "

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