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About Emma

Holy Farqing Shetland - 24-year-old Emma F knows how to pick a whinny-er. Keen to stirrup the scene, this 5'7" filly is the founder and editor of Mushy Pony - a stable of bronco-bustin bloggers hot on the tail of Toronto's top trendsetters and twentysomethings. Emma loves puns, she says, "because they..." and then refused to finish that sentence. But she wants 'polks out there to know she's rounding up a posse for a Mushy Pony party this Saturday at The Monk's Table. "We'll blog it," she says, "but not sure if it'll be broadcast on saddle-ite." Yowzah. All the more reason to attend in person. Emma, we're sure you'll one day win the race for mare of Toronto!

Emma's faves

turn-ons: "Gerunds, pronouns, rhetorical questions, vowels, the semi-colon, dashes, and...obv... puns!"
"Run-on sentences, consonants, hyperboles, morons – particularly oxy ones, and the occasional asterisk."
favourite things to do: "Mush ponies, dance to Thriller, practice my air guitar, shop for motorbikes, rinse and repeat.'"
hopes and dreams: "'To see the Leafs win the cup."

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