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About Dani
Dani is a 5'4" beauty of Acadian origin whose brilliant tresses are matched only by her brilliant mind. This 24-year-old smokin' sphinx loves puns because "they bring out the tittering pre-teen in all of us." A graduate of both Queen's (Bachelor's) and University of Toronto (Master's), it's too bad Dani works in a legal office, where seriousness abounds. Don't let those lawyers stop you from tittering, Dani!

Dani's faves
"purple and mossy green"
bands: "Scissor Sisters, Stars and other bands not starting with 's'"
fave mathematical proof: "Cantor's Different Cardinality of Infinite Sets"
turn-offs: "bad puns, people who round pi to 3.14"
turn-ons: "worse puns, Shakespeare's much over-looked erotic writings"
thoughts on internet punography: "I think it's great - I mean, it's the most natural thing when done tastefully."

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