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About Charlotte
Charlotte, 19, is a didactic diva whose steamy wordplay can melt solid wax. A longtime admirer of the Gents, this Toronto-born punatic is in her second year of the McMaster languages program. She loves puns, she says, because "I'm into cunning linguistics." And how! When not cracking the books, Charlotte's cracking yolks at her off-campus job: "I work at a shawarma place," she says; "and it makes me feelafel." Always the pedagogical princess, Charlotte's dream is to become a schoolteacher. Ring the bells, Charlotte - we're ready for a lesson!

Charlotte's faves
"jet lag; people who abuse the comma - there's no call for that much pun-ctuation!'"
turn-ons: "synonyms - if someone can repeat what they just said, but use entirely different words, that really gets me going! Also, home-made marmalade"
punny anecdote: "One time I used a pun on this mugger. When he pulled a blade on me, I looked at him and said, 'You know, you're not a very knife guy.' Ha ha. Sure he took my wallet, but we both walked away giggling!"

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