Allison - nubile nurse

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About Allison
Get some oxygen - stat! Allison, 26, is a breathtaking nurse who loves cats and makes her own clothes. After studying Psychology at Queen's, this cool Kingstonian became an RN; now she works in a downtown T.O. emergency room. Allison loves puns but admits "I can't actually make them myself - so I'm in awe of those who can!" Well, she came to the right place! Despite being a bit pun-shy the 5'8" temptress is still a jokester in the ER: "We make fun of almost everyone who walks in the door, "she says, "you gotta cope somehow!" Precisely! This multi-talented mama is now studying to become a registered massage therapist, and intends to open her own practice. Well, certainly she rubs us the right way!

Allison's faves
"soft kitties, sensual slow kisses, a well-stocked pencil case (if you know what I mean)"
"spelling nazis, white-sky days, moronic men, those who don't brush their tongues, unsharpened pencils in your pencil case..."
why she wanted to be a Punshine: "to use the fame and glory to jumpstart my massage therapy career - I'd love some witty clients!"

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