Alex - cycling cyclone

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About Alex
What a picturesque pedalophile! 24-year old Alex, a 6'1", Indo-Aryan, green-eyed beefcake, is a recent University of Toronto graduate in biophysics. When he's not busy calculating eigenvectors, he loves riding his bike and watching Star Trek. In fact, he tells us that his ultimate fantasy is "to see Commander Data and Tasha Yar riding à tandem". He hopes to land a well-paying job soon, which will allow him to dock his boat at the Worf. Alex has a voracious appetite; with all that biking exercise, he eats enough for a small arm-y. He agrees that this pun will go down in history; says Alex, "it's leg and dairy!"

Alex's faves
why he loves puns: "because there is no other thing that can be that bad and still get you to laugh"
"hairy legs on men, hairless legs on women, Commander Riker"
"carbon fiber and titanium, pictures of bikes that dont have any paint on them, Lieutenant Worf"
favourite things to do: "sipping red wine as I take long walks on the beach; shaving my legs; dodging things; riding my bike; watching people walk past; drinking Guinness (and beer in general)"
hopes and dreams: "Yesterday I was stuck on the highway. The tape deck didnt work and so I stuck my finger all the way in to clean the head. Then the traffic started to move again but I couldn't get my finger out in order to shift into gear. Eventually I pulled it out leaving a plethora of skin in the deck amidst the sound of honking co-gridlockers. I hope one day I can listen to my classic rock tapes again."

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