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What's the meteorological indicator of heat effects? Humidex.

What's the philosophical indicator of scepticism? Humedex.

What's the indicator of sunshine? Illumidex.

The indicator for vomit? Spumedex.

The dress-code indicator? Groomidex.

Stage of pregnancy? Wombidex.

Degree of cleanliness? Broomidex.

Strength of odour? Perfumidex.

Severity of depression? Doomadex.

Likelihood of unearthing a corpse? Exhumedex.

Degree of Westernization? Consumidex.

Probability of jumping to conclusions? Assumidex.

Level of wrestling proficiency? Sumodex.

Terrorism alert? Boomadex.

Degree of repressed anger? Fumedex.

Percentage of cotton? Loomadex.

Pessimism? Gloomidex.

Speed? Vroomidex.

Hotel vacancy rate? Roomidex.

Level of smokiness? Plumedex.

Likelihood of mountain lions? Pumadex.

Likelihood of strippers? Bazoomidex.

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