FILE: IMG_3018_babblin_brooks.jpg
DESCRIPTION: The hilarious Austin singer-songwriter (right) is a former multiple gold medallist in the POS (punniest of the show, ie the long puns) event. His best known pun is the legendary 'Tex-Mexistentialism' philosophical oration, which is actually printed and hanging on the tackboard in my bedroom. This year his POS act was a fundamentalist-terrorist-as-radio-deejay riff (think 'La Bomba', 'Iraq-and-roll' and 'Shiite Happens') that scored in the top 5. I voted for Steve as overall Pun-off MVP (most viable punster) - because in addition to competing he emceed a large chunk of the event.
TITLE: Steve Brooks - emcee and Punniest of Show contestant